From day one we have been creating nail products for professionals. Our pride is our lab. Our chemists create hundreds of formulas monthly to be tested with nail professionals. Only when approved by both teams – chemists and educators – is a product launched to the market. This is our professional way. Our unique educational program keeps the professionalism level to its highest.


We believe design matters. Beautiful product packaging is our passion. We love elegant, clean simplicity. It is our style of living and the same we express in our products. Coming from Northern Europe, we get our inspiration from the Nordic aesthetic and its pristine nature. We simply can’t think of compromising design.


We are all human. We believe in healthy relationships. We grow together with our partners by listening to their ideas, creating solutions and new products to fit their needs. We keep things simple as are our products – simple to use, with a clear function. All our products are of professional quality yet they are user friendly.


We are a small, passionate team, and we believe the best way to live life is by exploring it. We tackle rope courses, welcome nature’s challenges and run marathons – we love to experience and explore. We bring this spirit to our work by creating catchy polish names, crazy collection stories, and fun useful products. It gives color to our lives.

Hand & body lotion 250ml

14,- EUR

Hand & body lotion 75ml

8,- EUR


It all started with a vision and the unification of industry insiders, creatives and scientists. Many coffees, meetings and very many prototypes later, a patented formula and the development of an advanced beauty delivery system were to become what now goes by the name of BIOXIDEA — setting a new standard of luxe in skincare.

Finishing touches, and voilà! The result was the first BIOXIDEA mask featuring one-of-a-kind, new generation transdermal materials designed to perfectly adapt along the contours of the skin to deliver an exquisite blend of exotic botanical actives to lift, plump, tighten, brighten.

Based on state of the art research and BIOXIDEA’s philosophy that beauty is attention to detail, the original full-body suite of masks (to also cater to more intimate areas!) was launched. This debut collection was delightfully called Miracle24 which has since, by popular demand, been expanded to an extravaganza of masks, a cleanser and beyond.

“it makes my skin crazy. It’s like I just had sex for four days.” – Courtney Love

With its ever-growing cult following, the BIOXIDEA mask has been hailed the next “IT beauty item”, elevating the conventions of modern skincare. And, this is just the beginning…

MIRACLE24 face mask

55,- EUR

MIRACLE24 Mens Face Mask

55,- EUR

MIRACLE24 Neck Mask

52,- EUR

MIRACLE24 Hand Mask

52,- EUR

MIRACLE24 Foot Mask

52,- EUR

MIRAGE48 GOLD Face&Body Care

60,- EUR

OUTLINE Saver Eyes&Lips Anti Wrinkles Serum

59,- EUR

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